Julian Dykmans, lien to tail from our Photo Annual 2009.
photo Jelle Keppens

This photo dedicated to the Gonz paintpens, the 1980s and famous schoolyards. Photo: Grant Brittain #markgonzales #thegonz #gonz #flippitytricks #theskateboardmag @theskateboardmag #grantbrittain
I was within and without, simultaneausly enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life. F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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Leo Valls, Crail Front Blunt Powerslide, by Ben Gore
Shot during the filming of Magenta Skateboards Hill Street Blues 2
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Four years. An eternity and an instant. You are the most perfect human in my universe, with a brilliant mind and a heart so gentle and so strong. I adore everything about you and everything that is ours. Our mornings, our afternoons, our nights. I cherish every one of the homes we made ours along the way. Our kingdom on the river in Marshfield, our apartments in Salem, our Santa Monica room, our Culver City flat, our new dreams to get out of the city. We left behind a long trail of beautiful memories from the east coast to the west, together we travel in a golden aura. We have been chasing the simple life and it is consistently magnificent. Every morning I wake up in our bed, wrapped up in you, craving to get even more impossibly close. I am infatuated with every inch of your skin and every corner of your brain. I am endlessly grateful to have you, to grow with you, and to share all my days with you. I don’t know how to thank you for all the love, laughs, and light you have given me. I will spend my life trying. I love you completely, Dane Webber.

Tom Karangelov. Los Angeles, California. 2014.

Unchartered territory, Jack Fardell frontside air to back truck grind on the diving board. @jackfardell #ridethebest #builttogrind @rhino photo

John DeMar. Kickflip. Santa Ana, California. 2014.
Q: What was (or is) your education life like?

Unfinished, for sure. I’ve completed high school and one year at Salem State College as a photography major. I’ve traveled the world quite a bit recently and I read books on whatever interests me at the time. Typically works on existential philosophy, Buddhism, and subtle energy healing. I try to be a sponge to my surroundings, and use the world as a classroom. However now that I have passed some years as a full-time professional skateboarder, I find myself hungry for more education.

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Levi Brown, kickflip fakie photo by Jelle Keppens

”Magical Attack”
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